Kirk E. Watkins – C.E.O

Kirk created multiple first-of-their-kind reinsurance programs. FairShare voluntary benefits reinsurance pooling program, a participating arrangement for voluntary employee benefits, and TechProtect,

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M. Michael Zuckerman, J.D., M.B.A., A.C.I. – E.V.P.

Associate Professor in Risk and Insurance Management at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. His research and teaching focus include Enterprise Risk Management and the design,

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Michael A. Corbett

A native of Pelham Manor, NY, he has an MBA from Emory University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi. He studied advanced international finance at the London School of Business, and his first professional post was as a corporate lender with Manufacturers..

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Courtney Claflin

Mr. Claflin is the Head of Insurance at Fluid Truck, Inc. He is an accomplished alternative risk transfer and captive insurance professional with a lengthy resume of designing unique and customized risk financing arrangements for corporate parents’ specific goals and objectives.

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David Provost

Until retiring in 2022, Dave served as Deputy Commissioner of Vermont’s Captive Insurance Division, responsible for the regulation of captive insurance companies and risk retention groups chartered in Vermont. He joined the Division in 2001 and was appointed Deputy in 2008.

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