Be a Champion for Your Clients

Brokers & Consultants:

Whether your clients are large employers, associations, universities, or professional landlords, there is so much potential for them within Promethean’s profit-sharing programs.  Be the first person to introduce your clients to this impactful new program.

Why Partnering with Promethean is a Perfect Idea

It’s a Total Win-Win.

Imagine sharing with an employer an ideal way to improve their employees’ lives while also improving their organization’s balance sheet? Promethean’s FairShare program allows you to do just that for any current or prospective clients. It’s a win-win for employers and employees – and you get to be the champion who brought it all together. You’ll outperform your competitors by introducing something new, innovative and high performing to your clients. As for your clients who are directing associations, universities, or housing, they will be able to offer non-ERISA voluntary benefits (think renters insurance, electronic products coverage, identity theft protection, legal insurance) to their stakeholders at low prices and for highly desirable coverage. The program creates profit-sharing opportunities that are very attractive.

Your Clients Earn the Profits.

Promethean’s profit-sharing program puts the dollars in your client’s and employees’ hands rather than in the hands of the carrier. Promethean’s FairShare program does not require your client to own a captive or join a group captive program.

We Don’t Compete with You.

We don’t compete with you by offering core employee benefits, personal or commercial lines. We stay in our lane and focus only on profitable reinsurance programs offered to employees, customers, association members, and tenants.

We are Here to Support You.

Our experienced team of professionals and industry experts will be here for you every step of the way to help you close deals and serve clients.

We are the Original.

The founder of Promethean, CEO Kirk Watkins, created the very first voluntary benefits captive reinsurance program. He and his professional team are forward-thinking and dedicated to your success. Get in touch soon to find out more.