Be the Hero for Your Employee.

What if you could provide better coverage to your employees, for less money, and at the same time create a new source of revenue to fund key employee initiatives? Promethean’s FairShare program lets you do just that.


FairShare is similar to a self-funding model. It utilizes Promethean’s captive insurance company to reinsure all participating companies’ voluntary benefits programs. This allows your organization to earn the profits that typically would have been retained by the insurance carrier, without any downside risk.

Promethean assists you in enriching your employees’ lives while also creating a revenue source to fund new employee programs. The profits you earn from ERISA benefits must be used to enhance or provide services for your ERISA benefits. The profits you earn from non-ERISA benefits can be used in any area desired – many companies use the profits to fund HR-related expenses like training, awards, employee fitness, wellness programs, or even employee childcare programs.

We Make it Easy:

Promethean Risk Solutions and its partners provide all the administration necessary for a successful program, including product design, underwriting, reinsurance agreements, servicing, marketing, employee education, enrollment technology, reporting, and ongoing support.

What benefits are available?

ERISA Benefits

  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Legal Insurance

Non-ERISA Benefits

  • ID Theft Coverage
  • Pet Insurance
  • Cell Phone Insurance
  • Electronic Device Insurance

A Win-Win for Employers and Employees:


  • Best-in-class benefit plan designs
  • Seven voluntary benefits to select from
  • Attract and retain employees with enhanced benefits
  • No surprise rate increases
  • Transparency of insurance carrier pricing and profits
  • Creates new revenue to fund HR initiatives
  • Assists in increasing participation in HDHP
  • Assists in decreasing workers’ comp claims
  • Potential tax benefits

Employees enjoy access to

  • Increased coverage, tailored to the individual
  • Lower premiums
  • Financial security
  • Pet insurance, electronic device insurance, ID Theft insurance & more
  • Enhanced voluntary benefits education
  • Premier customer service

Working with Promethean helps you breathe life into the programs you want to provide to your employees. Imagine what your organization / HR Department could build over time with this additional funding:

  • Attract and retain employees by offering them something your competitors don’t.
  • The fitness center that keeps your employees fit, enhances their well-being and makes them feel valued.
  • The childcare center that enables your employees to be closer to their kids, reduce their commutes, and feel more in control of their day.
  • Wellness programs that decrease stress and improve morale.

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