Turn Your Captive Into a Profit Center (Or Use Promethean’s FairShare Captive)

Enhance your relationships with employees, customers, members, students, alumni, or tenants.

• No Need to Own or Join a Group Captive

• Profitable, Third-party Premium

• Minimal Effort & Risk

• Diversification

What is FairShare?
FairShare utilizes our captive insurance company to reinsure all of your employee, member, tenant or customer insurance programs. If you are a captive owner, we can retrocede your share of the risk to your captive, providing you with profitable, low-risk, third-party premium.

Working with Promethean Makes Good Business Sense.
Here’s Why:

We handle the details and make it easy:

Promethean and our partners provide program design, underwriting, distribution, premium collection, claims servicing, and customer service. Your captive participates only on a financial basis.

If you do not currently have a captive, you can utilize Promethean’s captive, FairShare Insurance Company.

  • We work with your broker or captive manager if desired
  • We partner with best-in-class fronting carriers for you
  • Provide your employees with lower premiums and superior coverage
  • No group captive ownership, investment, or additional capital needed
  • Complete transparency

Low-risk, profitable, third-party premium:

  • Projected 80% -85% combined ratios
  • Projected 15% – 20% return
  • (The surplus from ERISA benefits must be used for the betterment of the employees. The surplus from non-ERISA benefits can be used for any purpose.)
  • High frequency, low severity, low limits
  • Uncorrelated to any existing risk
  • Third party premium may strengthen federal income tax positioning

Let Promethean Help You

  • Provide your employees, customers, members, students, alumni, or tenants with something of value that improves their lives.
  • Create revenue for your organization to better serve your employees, customers, members, students, alumni, or tenants.

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