Our Story:

Promethean’s CEO Kirk Watkins has successfully created multiple first-of-their-kind reinsurance programs throughout his career in risk management and employee benefits. Continuously focused on finding ways for employees to retain more of their earnings, Kirk has been awarded two U.S. patents in this area.

Our EVP Michael Zuckerman (JD, MBA, ACI) is Associate Professor in Risk and Insurance Management at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. His research and teaching focus includes Enterprise Risk Management and the design, implementation, and operation of advanced alternative risk financing and transfer programs.

With over 200 years of combined experience in creating solutions for complex risk management challenges, our team of six professionals has won over 40 awards for our expertise in the insurance and employee benefits areas. Now we have created a highly customizable profit-sharing solution that enables your organization to retain the profits that have traditionally gone to the insurance carrier.

Let us help you enrich your stakeholders’ lives while creating revenue to fund existing programs or new initiatives.

Why the Name Promethean? The ancient Greek Titan Prometheus took fire from the gods and bestowed it upon humanity in the form of technology, knowledge, and civilization. Like Prometheus, the core mission at Promethean Risk is to help organizations capture the profits traditionally retained by insurance carriers and redistribute them back to their own organizations.